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They are sentient and responds to the sunshine emanated from the human DNA. To survive, they need to feed on the vitality emanated by oppressed and subjugated creatures. The combating prompted nice pain to the Galaxy and all the creatures dwelling in it. The density of darkish plasma in the Solar System and around the Earth is considerably increased than its degree within the Galaxy. All of the wars which were waged in our Galaxy in previous and current were initiated by the Archons and their predatory minions. The founders intend to current a request for blockchain such to the UN after 100,000 individuals over the age of 18 sign up for citizenship. It turned out that dark matter is current not solely around and inside our Solar System but in addition in the atmosphere and blockchain on the floor of the Earth. The contact might cut back the complexity of the human chakra system to blue, yellow, and red, i.e. to mental talents, life force, and sexuality. The Solar System already at its origin contained elements of dark matter. Our planet is gravitationally certain to a dark matter halo the dimensions of Jupiter. In the course of the last Cosmic Night, this made it simpler for Archons, reptilians, and Dracos to invade our planet.

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Dracos are aggressive by nature. Reptilian civilizations, especially Dracos from the Alpha Draco Constellation, grew to become the first and easiest prey for parasitic entities. The Archonic entity, having subordinated the reptilian consciousness Matrix, strengthens its considering in the required – solely negative – course. Having an age of about 300 million years the Goo even right now still carries a reptilian sort of consciousness. They infect the victims’ consciousness Matrix. NASA nervous a weekend liftoff – coupled with a dramatic nighttime launch – could result in a superspreader occasion. These heavy metals are widespread for causing serious medical complications that eventually result in loss of life. The Archons are utterly cut off from the nourishing Light and Love of the Creator. By subjugating one other civilization, the Archons power it to dwell in concern, darkness, isolation, ache, suffering, Commencement and torture. On this state, certain mind waves are created, which then trigger a reaction throughout the emotional our bodies that the Archons then feed on. They produce an enormous amount of hormonal, chemical, and vitality substances in the mind and body that the Archons want and might feed on. Victims of battle created a huge amount of emotional energetic meals for the swarming snake-like parasites.

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Because it thickened, it created circumstances for the formation of a darkish biosphere on Earth. The scalar waves which are created by a considering mind are feeding the Goo. Quite a lot of Goo nests are positioned underneath main cities, military bases, prisons-round places the place individuals live in annoying and unfavorable circumstances. The ET’s base was set up there as a result of the ETs may then management the Goo because it was in freezing conditions and a deactivated state. There are additionally clusters of damaging entities in the form of Goo, just like on the planets of Rigel. I remember the impressed phrase There but by grace go I, which prompted me to write a track by that title that I’ve but to supply, however have sung live many occasions. Since 2008, research of anomalies within the movement of spacecraft and satellites across the Earth have led scientists to unexpected discoveries. Numerous confirmations have been found that darkish plasma particles have been falling to Earth day-after-day for the past 4.6 billion years.

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